Feis FAQ
Graham School of Irish Dance

        Feis, pronounced “fesh” is a Gaelic word that means arts and cultural festival but it is
        commonly used to denote an Irish dance competition.
        Feiseanna is the plural form of feis.

2.        Do dancers have to compete?


3.        Can dancers start competition at any time?

        Dancers need to have mastered some basic steps before trying competition.  Most
        dancers start competing sometime during their first year of lessons in the beginner
        category.  Some dancers do not start competition until they have danced for two or three
        years, in which scenario they can be accommodated in other levels.

4.        How many competitions should dancers attend?

        We suggest that dancers attend at least three competitions in the first year that they
        choose to compete.  This provides them with an opportunity to apply what they learn
        from one event to the next.  Advanced dancers can choose to continue in this way or
        become more involved and attend as many feiseanna as they can schedule.  Serious
        competitive dancers are encouraged to travel outside of Ontario to meet other dancers as
        well as to encounter different musicians and adjudicators.

5.        How much does it cost to enter a competition?

        Costs vary somewhat but currently beginner dancers pay $8 per dancer (3 dances at $8 =
        $24).  There is also an admission fee of about $15 per family that encompasses any adults
        and children accompanying the dancer into the event.