1.  At what age do you accept dancers?
       Dancers need to be 4 years of age or older.  They need to be able to count to ten and have an ability to hop.

2.  How much do classes cost?
       The average monthly cost for beginners is $48.  If dancers become involved in more classes, the cost will
       Contact Sheila Graham by phone 905-460 -9232 or by email  
sheila@grahamirishdancers.com for more details.

3.  Is there a registration fee?

4.  What should dancers wear at class?
       Dancers wear a t-shirt, shorts, socks and dance shoes.  Ballet slippers or gymnastics slippers are fine for beginners.

5.  Do you have adult classes?
       We do not have separate adult classes but adults are welcome to join our week-day classes for the advanced
       All dancers progress at their own pace so beginning adult dancers can fit in with most groups.

6.  Can parents watch or sit in the classes?
       Parents are welcome to be in the studio during their child’s first class but this is not encouraged on an on-going
       The studios do not have chairs and one intent of the class is to encourage development of a dancer’s
       All of the studios have waiting areas and some have viewing windows.

7.  Do dancers have to compete?
       Dancers do not have to compete but they are encouraged to participate in community performances.

8.  Are there opportunities to perform?
       Yes, all dancers are expected to participate in the annual recital in June.  
       Dancers can also take part in various community performances such as fund-raisers, weddings, school talent shows
       hospital events, programs at seniors’ residences etc.  
       The dancers are especially busy in March as they perform at many events celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

9.  Is there a recital?
       Yes, all dancers are expected to participate in the annual recital held in June.

10.  What size are the beginner classes?
       Beginner classes range from 6 – 12 dancers.

11.  Are there additional costs beyond class fees?
       Dancers will need to purchase some shoes. Click here to view the Shoes - FAQ

       Dancers who choose to perform and/or compete will need a class costume. Click here to view the Costumes - FAQ

       Every effort  is made to keep these expenses to a minimum for new dancers.

       Dancers who choose to compete will be responsible for entry fees for such events.
Click here to view the Feis page

12.  Are the classes organized by age?
       The beginner classes have dancers from 4 – 12 years of age in the same group.  
       All dancers progress at their own pace so a class with a range of ages and abilities has many advantages.  
       The advanced classes work in a similar manner
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