1.        When does a dancer need a costume?

        Beginner dancers do not need a costume unless they choose to get involved in performances
        or competitions.

2.        What costumes do beginners wear?

        Beginner girls can wear a skirt and blouse (our dancers wear a white blouse and green skirt or
        a class costume.  Beginner boys can wear a shirt and long pants (our boys wear a white shirt
        and black dress pants) or a class costume.  This can be worn at performances, the
        annual recital and in competitions.

3.        What is a class costume?

        Each Irish dance school has a costume with a particular design and colour combination.
        Our dancers wear these when competing as beginner and novice dancers, at
        performances, and during team competitions.  Check out the photos of our dancers in
        the green costumes.

4.        Where do dancers get a class costume?

        There are often second-hand class costumes available for sale through Sheila Graham
        or speak to Sheila about having a new costume made for your dancer.  
        We work very hard to keep this cost as low as possible.
Graham School of Irish Dance
Costume FAQ